Partner Projects


The project CITRES (Chemistry and Interface Tailored lead-free Relaxor thin films for Energy Storage capacitors) is an ERC Consolidator Grant with the goal of realizing novel dielectric capacitors for energy storage applications with high power and energy density, using relaxor thin-films technology.

Lead by FOXES’coordinator Marco DeLuca, CITRES is a natural partner for FOXES as both projects share the objective of developing capacitors with better energy storage performances than supercapacitors and batteries.


The project GreEnergy aims at developing a new paradigm in the field of solar energy harvesting, by prototyping a self-powering system based on optical nano-antennas that can harvest solar energy, rectify the AC signal and use it to charge a micro-supercapacitor.

GreEnergy shares with FOXES the vison of developing a technology that will allow realizing smart devices that never need to be charged from an external power supply and that do not depend on batteries.